Friday, March 30, 2012

Today's Color

Today was a colorful day! I received two letters in the mailbox from two friends on the west coast. One friend in the continental United States one in western Canada. The first letter I carefully opened which came in the form of a perfume tube. How creative! How colorful! Popping off the lid I found several pages of handwritten notes and wrapped in those papers was a domino. Yup, one domino. Cool! I proceeded to read my friends letter and found out that this domino lived in a movie set for Steven King. Now, really cool! I read the letter holding this domino that traveled thousands of miles to live with me. What caught my attention was not the fact that a domino was mailed to me, or that this trivial memento lived on a movie set, but that the number on the domino was 3, my favorite number.

Onto my second letter...

I carefully sliced the top of the handmade envelop and took out two sheets of paper and what looked like a repurposed playing care. I turn the card over and quickly realize that it was a playing card. That isn't what gave me goose bumps though. Upon more careful examination I realized that my friend recreated her playing card into an ATC (artist trading card) for me. That isn't what gave me goose bumps either! What gave me goose bumps was the chosen card my friend selected. She sent me the 3 of hearts! Two letters from friends who live thousands of miles apart from one another and thousands of miles away from me both sent me the number 3. Goose bumps galore! And I am mindful that it is also the third month of the year and the date is 3/30! I hope that all these number 3 appearances bring me some good luck in the near future.

So, today was my day filled with colorful inspiration and revolved around my favorite number 3!

Happy Friday!

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