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Who doesn't like this color? For those of you who love this color and have come across the site House of Turquoise...blissful! It is amazing how much we are surrounded by color but yet don't really see color around us. We know that the sky is blue...we know that the grass is green, but what else is out there? Where is it? What is your favorite color anyway? What color really grabs your attention?
The color in this picture screams relaxation!
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Now, I don't know where she got this idea from but I think this is a super cute answer to adding space to a small area! There is a lot on the top of the table but everything works so well and, gosh, I just love the table itself! Who wouldn't? This is such a feminine little area and everything just works so well together! 

June 1, 2011

Today it is not about color...but fun rooms with color....of course, taken from my favorite designer, Sarah Richardson. She has fabulous ideas, great color combinations, and pleasing overall scheme! Enjoy these places and dare to dream about living in them!!! I do!

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