Well I finally took steps forward to making the next phase of my life happen. Except, I don't know what that next phase of life is supposed to be just yet! I am a dreamer, a hopeful with lots of ambition, with an overactive imagination! I have many interests in art, architecture, style, color, nature, antiquing, stone walls, old buildings, churches, courtyards, cottages, coastal, photography, writing, reading, and anything creative and unique. Color of Inspiration was created in my mind long ago as a way to define how I viewed the world. I realized that color doesn't necessarily mean pink, sea foam, or chartreuse but that what interests us can define color. It is a way of seeing the world distinctly through your lens and your lens only. What you deem as colorful, another might deem it drab. Color of Inspiration isn't judgemental. It simply is a platform. Inspiration doesn't necessarily mean that it is something that is important to you but is out there or over there but that it is that which you find great pleasure in. The best connection to inspiration is referencing the greats! Famous people who profoundly state their claims and observances. People who have overcome tragic situations and people who have achieved close to unachievable goals. But for those of us who are just average people other average people can be an inspiration to them. However, inspiration here goes beyond the obvious. Inspiration is exercising keen observation skills, paying attention to the subtleties and nuances of the world around us in such detail. More importantly appreciating what is around us. How many times have you noticed the dew on the grass on an early morning? How often have you listened to the birds chirping? When was the last time you stopped to see what was around you? These places overlooked by most people is what I call Inspiration. So, in my unique way, Color of Inspiration is how the world looks to me.

Where this journey goes I cannot determine but I hope you enjoy reading about this journey I am about to embark upon for myself!

As I always say, "enjoy the ride".

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