Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ok, Ok...

Two posts in one day after taking several months off from writing....

What I realized is that I miss writing here. I write. I am an avid blogger and reader of many inspirational blogs that have opened my eyes to new ways of looking at an old life. I keep a journal of sorts. I've always been nervous to write down my deepest darkest confusions and frustrations on paper for someone else to accidentally trip over and read. No doubt feelings would probably be hurt and ideas altered. But what I do keep is an Inspiration Journal. I don't read anything, watch anything, or listen to anything without that notebook and pen sitting right next to me. I started this idea way back in high school and have been in and out of writing things down. After having a very difficult couple of years, I needed to do something to get clarity and to get the dust to settle. Keeping this type of journal has been a Bible to me.

I've also adopted a new passion. Mail Art. I've met some fantastic people through the old art of writing letters and creating unique envelopes to send to people. A skeptic at a believer. One of these days I will share the pieces I've made and received. Finding things that bring happiness and calm into my life is how I wrap up my day. I mosey on down to my studio and pop off my calligraphy pen top, take out some pretty paper and I write. What do I write about? Whatever I feel like at the time. Some days a long-penned letter is in order but other days a short postcard with notes of humor. I let my creativity dictate what I do and not plan what I am going to do. It is that weird way of artist thinking before paint hits the canvas. Real artists let the paint and canvas dictate what comes out of the artist...that is how I see Mail Art.

Happy Writing!

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