Monday, July 25, 2011

Detour = Dead End - I am HOME!

Hi friends. I am back for a little while until I can get the hang of WordPress. I am struggling with managing that page and for now (since I am not into technology) I am going to continue to post here. My struggle over there...I can't find the plugin tab "to the left" and "download" despite the easy directions to follow on their own "help" page. Bonkers. I tell you, it is all bonkers! so instead of getting so stressed out right now, of which I am not, I decided to welcome myself back here for a while longer. I hope you don't mind that I returned for a stay.

On that note I stumbled upon another blogger of which I posted her link. Today she had some really inspiring quotes that move her and they touched me as well.

Today they said that 40 is the new 20 and I have to say that I am just not feeling like I am 20. As a matter of fact I don't even feel 30 never mind 20! My body does not react well to stress and since the day I found out I was pregnant stress has been part of my life, or some part of it for a multitude of reasons. I am at a point where I need to really look long and hard at what I want in my life and for my life and how I am going to achieve that. I honestly have taken a back seat and have focused on caring for my family but I need to learn to focus on me. I commit myself to whatever I need to except that my name is always last on the list and if it is first it always gets bumped. I don't know what I do that but I do. I need to remove the stress triggers in my life and replace them with more positive actions and events that will yield a better me. I am not unhappy, I am actually quite happy, but the last 5 or so years of my life have been a challenge. There have been many life events (major events mind you) to deal with (or not) that has impacted and changed the course of my/our life. Some expected, most not. As a result I am not in as good of shape as I once was or need to be. I exercise but what I need to do is to get my mind thinking in a new direction, I need new opportunities to come my way, I need to be able to "see" an opportunity when it arrives. What I will not do is sacrifice the happiness of my family and the functionability of how my family works. I think I am getting closer to what it is I need to do and where I need to do it but I still feel like my compass is spinning out of control. I try to stay positive and do what I can each and every day to make the day the best day possible.

So I leave you with this quote from Rebecca Cooper's blog page:

is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.


  1. I think the 40 is the new 20 if you can afford a personal gym trainer a maid a nanny and all the doc to help keep things in I am just kidding I get what you are saying. Same here I feel my age. Wish I felt I am lucky to make it five miles on bike. I dont get to bike every day, Like you I put myself last. Most women put them selves last and the family first. But the truth is even though we might think it selfish. When we put us first and feel better about health and stress levels then you have more to give to your husband or family. But still we are programed that family comes first and it selfish to put us first. When normally the wifes are the glue to the familys, without mom it would fall apart. And yet we still put our selves last.

  2. LOL - I doesn't take a village to raise a family, it takes a village to keep a woman young! I am telling you...what we have to deal with. I am working on bumping my name up the list of "things that need to be taken care of" but something else seems to cut me off. I exercise but like I said my body does not handle stress well so I can't get into the shape I want no NEED to. I completely agree with you that it is hard to be selfish. I struggle with this because I want those people around me to be happy so you can't be selfish and have everyone happy...well, I can't.