Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Funny...

I've taken a couple days away from writing to go look at houses in another state. Looking at homes on a realtor's website is one thing but to actually go drive by the house is a completely different story. I honestly wished that Realtors didn't try to deceive the potential buyer with staged homes and rooms because it is exhausting to leave one state to go look at homes in another state only to know that the house you liked online overlooks a storage facility, office park, or garage. Just because there are new hardwood floors and a pool doesn't make up for the fact that the house sits on a side-street cut-through to a main thoroughfare. I like neighbors but not when they are that close or when they can see you jump in your own pool. House hunting yesterday was exhausting. And I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A REALTOR WITH ME! I need to make a priority list even though in my head I "know" what would work for us but at the moment of truth I don't want to forget the nooks and crannies of what will make me happier in a new-er home.

The funny thing is that as I was driving around from home to home I came up with fantastic topics to blog about only to sit down tonight and have writer's block. Yup, I know "write it down before you forget" but it is hard to do when you are trying to look for a street number, a street name, a cop, follow the speed limit, shift (I drive a standard), and make sure that I stop at all the intersections with lights! Finding a pen and my notebook (yes, I keep one in my purse for these exact times!) was/is not an option. So, once I got to my destination my "idea" had slipped away. I would associate this to taking a shower. The absolute best thoughts and conversations happen in the shower only to turn off the water, dry off, dress, to realize everything you planned on saying or doing has relocated to another part of your brain. Frustration sets in and then you stumble for the right words to say to get your point across. I know, we all have those moments whether you admit to them or not. I love blogging and am looking into doing more of it in different venues with the hopes of making some change but for now I need to be able to hold onto my fantastical thoughts and ideas I want to share and come up with a way to jot them down when I am not in the car!

I hope to have a better blog topic tomorrow because they are in here somewhere!

Thank you for visiting and feel free to jot down your thoughts. I appreciate your visit even though you may say nothing. On that note, have a wonderful rest of your evening!!

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