Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Favorite Designer of all Time!

Who doesn't have a favorite designer that they follow or a style that they just can't get enough of? Whether you know it or not we all do! There are certain characterists that attract us to that item. Maybe it is the color, maybe it promotes balance, maybe it is the front porch of a home, maybe it is the location, it could be just about anything! Likewise, we know what we don't like!

For the longest time I have been a huge fan of the Canadian designer Sarah Richardson and her side kick Tommy Smythe! Sarah's style is anything but stuffy! Her work and manipulation of space invokes peace and tranquility and always a sense of closeness. She is one of the most talented women who inspires me in many ways!

Recently, her new show Sarah's Cottage aired in my local area so, of course, I needed to watch it! (Well, I have never missed a show of hers, ever! I mean ever!)

Here are some pictures taken from her site of her cottage. Who wouldn't want to spend a weekend or two or three or the entire summer here...! Enjoy...

This cottage just makes me want to be a designer, work for a designer.....or maybe just dream!

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