Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Pleasures

The title Simple Pleasures is a catchy one! However, it is a fabulous gift shop in southern New England that I visited for the very first time today. I went there with the intention of getting some gifts but there was so much to puruse through that I left with nothing but some fantastic ideas to create on my own. This shop is located in what looks like an old wooden barn. I didn't know what to expect but anticipated a hollow place that was dusty, dark, and not well organized. A place you had to really rummage through to find your very own treasure. Pulling up in the dirt parking lot was a wonderful display of all kinds of pots and garden art, benches, watering cans, and stone bird baths!

I proceeded to the front door, opened the wooden door, and gasped! I was so wrong about my interpretation of what I thought the experience was going to be like. I walked in the door and was completely awe-stricken! The lighting, the displays, the items, the cleanliness! This place was so deceiving and knew right then and there it was a place that needed my time! I didn't know where to look...up, down, through...but followed the beautiful wooden floor aisle. I honestly didn't know where to look or what to touch! Everything was just magnificently displayed. Displayed in a way that grabbed your attention and a yearn to pick it up!

I didn't know where to go first! This place was a place I would dream of owning someday. They carried just about everything that you can imagine and the items were quality items! As you meandered through this barn you are brought into a multitude of different "rooms" that make up this huge space. It makes you feel like you are traveling through someone elses home and have free reign of all their stuff! There's a great mix of old vs new! I was especially attracted to all the old wonderful pieces of furniture dreaming of what I would like to restore for another person's home. Luckily, I own a very small car!

Some of what you can find here is beach related but it is not the tacky stuff! Nope, not here! You can find green glass star snack dishes, fish bowls, sea shells, silver sand dollars, star fish, and whimsical beachy signs!

Then I decided to retreat to the loft! Another spectacular place to explore!

So, this was my journey today! An adventure that ended much better than expected and I left empty handed because I just could not decide on what to buy! I hope you enjoyed this journey as much as I did today! Maybe if you are visiting southern New England you will stumble upon this place and have your own experience. And if not, you can always go next door for some chocolates and ice cream!  

Until next time....


  1. Hello My dear! I saw your post on Emily's website. I am a fellow new blogger who is also learning from others. Also, I am teacher too! I think your blog is too cute! I think you are doing a great job! Maybe we can share ideas sometime? Have a wonderful day!

  2. Well, hello new blogger! I am happy to meet you! ...and congratulations because you are my very first person to comment! I think you might deserve a Rhode Island token! I would love to collaborate about this blogging world! I stumbled upon blogging by accident but in the mindset of a teacher WE never let things go! So, I researched and read as many bloggers posts as I could and was really attracted to the honesty of what women out there say! I have a desire to own my own business of some sort some day and am so inspired be the women I have met! Thank you all you bloggers!!! Share away, ask away! I know nothing about technology so this is all a first for me in all aspects of this! I am happy to help, share, or advise but honestly has been my best friend through all this! I am loving this new path in my life and THANK YOU for visiting! :)