Tuesday, May 17, 2011


One day I turned on the computer and stumbled upon a website with part of an address of "blogspot" in it. Being someone who is not really interested in technology and the workings of computers, webpages, and all the other gadgets out there, I decided to figure out what "blogspot" was on a whim. Enjoying research and finding information is part of my character make-up so I started to Google. Long story short, here I am working on my own Blog page. Not knowing what the heck I am doing, not knowing anything about writing and designing a webpage, I jumped into this icy cold technology pool! The water got warmer but I still flail and am learning as I go. Mistakes are happening left and right but I am determined to figure out how to create a successful blog people might, just might, be interested in without having to pay someone for their expertise. Granted what might take a professional ten seconds to do is taking me two weeks to learn and apply. But you know what, at this point in my life, this is ok. I am actually enjoying this new avenue of creativity. I am heavily inspired by young women out there who have taken on the job of professional blogger and actually earn some sort of living promoting their DIY talents and projects. When money is tight and decisions are made solely on money and if it worth the investment, it makes tackling DIY projects and running to the local Home Depot, Lowe's or True Value a challenge. One can only hope to continue to stumble on good deals and buy things worth the investment!

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