Monday, May 2, 2011


While I admit that looking at pictures of flowers isn't exciting and could be termed as boring, taking pictures of them is a different story. I love nature and what it has to offer. It takes a keen eye to really appreciate all that nature has to offer. The beauty in nature is overlooked by most. For me, it is all I see. Concrete jungles are suffocating. And if I walk out the door, and god forbid, forget my camera, it is like leaving naked! I tell ya! I live for my camera and the pictures I take. But I am not a photographer. I have all but one college course in photography but have always been passionate about pictures, the colors, the composition, the depth, the realism, the delicacy of that split second it took to capture the photo.

These photos were taken in North Carolina and my own backyard. If you just stop and look around you nature's treasure chest is revealed and fully exposed for all to claim.


  1. I love the flowers that are 5 down from the top! Are those bleeding hearts? Thanks for showing the pretty pictures! :)

  2. Yes it is a Bleeding Heart! I have it next to my front steps...makes me smile when I come home!