Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 I feel that most people don't know what really exists around them and that they are so focused on trying to keep up with people who don't matter to them. It is so easy to get trapped in this and very difficult to break. Sometimes it takes years to really understand that you have been trapped in a world that you never intended for yourself. Sometimes it takes a major life changing but not catastrophic event to get you to realize where you stand in your own life. What once was, isn't no more. This is scary, very scary especially if you feel that your values are being challenged by someone else. It makes your head spin, your stomache churn, and keeps you up at night. When times have been tough no one is there to give you the instruction manual as to how to proceed, this you have to figure out as you go. Too bad life didn't have a DIY page you could google to get the right way to handle situations. I think the best way to go about navigating your life is to hold onto your core values...values that are so pure to you that no one else knows what they are. This I consider your road map. At those vulnerable times this is where you retreat to...your road map. Maybe you are on a dead end, but you can always turn around and start over.
 I often associate life to nature (if you couldn't tell!). I try to fill my life with pretty things and good people but have to admit I am not always successful. I find it amazing that beautiful flowers so delicate and fragile can withstand downpouring rain, heavy winds, and even a trample or two by the next door neighbor's dog or oblivious toddler. They somehow always rebound! We are much tougher than these little gems, we were built to last longer and endure greater barriers.
 Color is all around us! Some more vibrant than others. Have you looked around the routine of your day to take notice of all the color? When you get in your car on your way to work or go for a walk, what is it that you see? Really see? Maybe you are focused on good conversation and could care less about what natural beauty has enveloped you.
 These photos I share in this post are just snapshots found along or on my property (again)! I do not live in a beautifully manicured piece of property like I stated in a previous post, but this is what I see. This is what I take notice of. What little treasured gems live outside your door? ...or along your walk? ....or on your drive?
 While we all love strawberries in some form or another...my two strawberry plants purchased two years ago from Walmart for $1.99 each, have now multiplied like rabbits and have overtaken my entire garden space. Now, the question is what do I do now? Do I keep the abundance of plants which I know will produce an abundance of strawberries or do I scale them back?
This is my newest natural treasure that has decided to take up residence at the corner of my garage. No, it was not planted there but has somehow found its way to its perfect place to grow and thrive. And, it makes the corner of my garage look pretty!

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