Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Have you ever been to Maine? Or a better question would be have you been to Coastal Maine? If you haven't figured things out yet I love the coast! It is a place where I draw inspiration, peace, and inspiration. Every time we go to the beach, any beach, our minds clear of the clutter that litter our thoughts much of which is useless! Going to the beach is fairly easy for me. Most people think about the beach as a summertime destination only and can't possibly think outside the box and go off season! Well, I tell you, off season is the best time to go to the beach! You never have to deal with crowds, you almost never have to pay (and if you do the cost is minimal), parking is easy-smeezy, you have free reign of the beach, dogs are allowed (...I don't have a dog though!), the weather is still warm in the fall up here in the north, and there is an overall sense of calm. Don't get me wrong, I head to the beach during the summer to but it is either early morning for a couple hours of after 5 for a couple hours! Everything is so much more beautiful!

York Beach Surf, York, Maine
Anyway, I am taking a break from sharing my inspirational places in Rhode Island and taking you up to the southern Maine coast! I needed a break from the daily grind of life and its daily dealings so we headed north. Taking a few hours to catch our breath, take in the sights of the sand, sea and salty air, and to break the routine was exactly what I needed! A few days would have been nice but at this point not possible. When you think of Maine what really comes to mind? For me it is about me being a kid! I would spend a week ever summer as a kid exploring and staying at different outfits in the town of York Beach. Now it is highly desirable by the more wealthy people but growing up it was a small quaint fishing village, a place few people outside New England knew about. Not true any longer but none-the-less still utterly beautiful!

Kennebunkport, Maine
It is amazing how one day the weather is displeasing to the next when it was possible to walk in the 52 degree frigid water! I show here some photos I took that inspired me and brought me a sense of calm. I hope you enjoy these and find inspiration at a place you consider your very own playground!

Rocky Shore Ogunquit, Maine

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