Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Art School...

I knew art school was calling me when I was just starting college! Well, I never formally made it to art school and it is my one lifetime regret. I have always been interested in design and style and architecture and, ok, buildings (old and new!) my entire life. I am curious how buildings and places are mapped out and I am always thinking about how it could have been designed better! It is a non-stop obsession! It is what I watch, thanks HGTV, it is what I read about, design magazines are piled high next to my bed! I enjoy putting color combinations together, how patters work, how textures make or break a room. I appreciate the talent of anyone who can look at something that looks like a piece of junk and turn it into a possession worthy of cash! I cannot do this with items but I can "see" how I think a room should look. Sometimes my mind is like a Rolodex of magazine pictures and I filter through the gazillion images in my head and somehow put it all together to make a room work. Mind you, this is in my head NOT a reality. I aim to accomplish creating a home environment that is pleasing to me and not just a place that is filled with pretty things! Ok, I admit, I love pretty things and can't resist a pretty things purchase, but items need to have personal meaning. There needs to be a story to tell of how I acquired it or meaning of why I needed to have that pretty thing! But to all those designers out there who have a keen eye, you are an inspiration to me!

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