Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nubble Lighthouse

Nubble Lighthouse, York Beach, Maine

Maine is everything you think is should look like! It is a big state with relatively few people! This particular lighthouse is one that I grew up visiting all through my childhood. My grandparents, who have since passed, went on their honeymoon to York Beach, Maine and Nubble was a highlight of their travels. I have heard the rumor that it is the most photographed lighthouse in the United States but I can't find any data to prove this rumor correct! Either way, it is a beautiful place to visit and to capture your own photos of the place. This lighthouse is not accessible by anyone other than the caretakers of the property. It is not accessible because it sits on its own island just off the mainland by just a matter of feet. The only way to the island is by what looks like its own sky rail ride. At one point someone was living in the building but as of today I don't know if there is anyone living there now. I am sure there has to be someone there at all times to make sure everything is working properly but I don't know for sure.

If you were to look right from the first picture this is what you would see, the rocky Maine coast and nothing but 50 degree water. You may climb on the rocks but be careful because the black spots on the rocks are extremely slippery!

Right in front of the lighthouse, despite it looking like you can walk over to the island, you cannot. Water fills the valley so you cannot cross over and if you do, I suspect you might get a special visit from some nice people in nice uniforms. Actually, at one point there was a sign forbidding people to go over to the island when the tide was low, but I did not see that sign this past time I was there. Forwarning...

Looking more to the right of the lighthouse....If this looks peaceful to you now, it is incredibly peaceful in person!

This is a picture of a beach just in from the Nubble Lighthouse called Short Sands Beach. It is called Short Sands because there is another beach just a corner away that is called Long Sands Beach and it is over a mile long of beach that fully drains when the tide is low and fully fills when the tide is high. The treasures you can find at low tide are stunning. Maine is known for those beautiful shells called Sand Dollars. My grandmother collected so many in her early years of going to Maine that she filled glass jars. I was not lucky enough to find a fully intact shell but I found lots of broken shells. Either way whole or in pieces, I was able to get my hands on these little gems!

I thoroughly enjoy traveling! Not to travel in the sense of spending a lot of money or getting on a plane to a faraway destination or exotic cultural experience (if I could I would) but really paying attention to what is close enough to get to in a car. Yes, the whole continental USA and Canada and South America are doable but I am talking about your backyard. What do you notice? What do you see? I love to explore and stumble upon new places, new destinations, and new experiences all of with the intention of keeping "free" in mind. Money did not buy me these pictures. Money did not buy me these experiences. My drive, interest, and passion for wanting to know and see what is around me brought me to these places. You have to find inspiration and passion around you where you can and if you are one of the lucky ones to see it in your life, you won't need much more than that to have peace, simplicity, and ultimately happiness with you at all times! ...PS-Don't forget your camera!!

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