Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Either Or Both

So many times we put ourselves in positions to make decisions and we consciously and subconsciously weigh the pros and cons of the outcome we desire. We always hope that we make the right decision but often times we are not 100% confident in our decision. We play the game of one or the other in making the decision but what happened with both?

This is something that I am trying to train my mind to accept. Decisions don't have to be a one or the other but can also be a both decision. No one says that we have to decide between given answers...really. So why do we do that to ourselves and put that added pressure to decide on one instead of all of the above?

I am big at doing this to myself and the last thing I need is to put more stress on myself for unnecessary reasons. I toggle with choosing both when I can and the outcome is always so much better. Just an hour ago I was browsing the endless list of bloggers I enjoy and found a woman who posts her outfit of the day. What she chose to wear. I like the idea but if I did that I would lose readers, not gain them! My wardrobe is not that desirable or interesting! Anyway, she made a both decision. She put together a fabulous outfit of black and white and instead of choosing to wear pants or a dress she put them together and wore both and it looked fantastic on her....something out of a magazine, really! Now, why don't I think like that? I know why, because I would look like a clown instead of a model from Elle Magazine! I spare myself the embarrassment. But in all honesty, I like when I agree to both instead of opting for one or the other!

Good luck in making your Either Or Both decisions!

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