Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Raining...Again!

Yes, I am at a loss for posting ideas tonight! It has been a trying week not because anything "major" happened but a gazillion little things happened! I don't know about you but all the little things added up = a "major"! They are exhausting to say the least! So I thought I would share my little annoyances that bothered me this week...I am sure you don't want to hear it but, yes, it's raining...again!

Yup, rainy weather is here today! People often talk (or complain) about the northwest being wet I can't say New England is perfect. We get a lot of water in all forms mind you! With the water we get we also get "other" things...mosquitoes! Yup, those big nasty ones that just will keep coming at you like there is no tomorrow! The bug spray has arrived! I like to address these pesky visitors naturally but sometimes they declare war and the spray needs to pay a visit (DEET free!).

A hornet entered the premises as I was replacing the kitchen chairs to the table after washing the this day I don't know where he went but he was the size of a humming bird! He either declared truce and found his own resting spot or somehow escaped, I am not sure!

There was a spider in the curtain (a big ugly one!); ants (we've had a little problem this spring!); the raccoons enjoyed their meal from our garbage cans and trace evidence was strewn all over; my car window was accidentally left open during the night while it down poured; three hours was spent on the phone on Monday only to get a call on Tuesday that those three hours were all-for-naught; I went to replace a light bulb for the deck light, I reached in only to learn that bees have created a beautiful nest; the light bulb rolled off the banister and shattered into a million pieces in a place that will require moving multiple items; I discovered creamed, rotten, solidified milk in the fridge; was NOT able to locate a music CD for my husband; the birds enjoyed all my nice organically grown strawberries before I could pick them; the tractor ran out of gas; received a letter of "increased rates"; received an email of "overdue books" (this has NEVER happened!); made it to the train station bike trail only to have it downpour once the car was parked; battled a migraine for two days; ...........and the saga continues! I think you get the gist of my week. It was an exhausting week dealing with all these time consuming annoyances. There are more but I am tired of reliving the week in a post. I am hoping that with the start of the weekend I will be able to relax and enjoy time with my best friend!

I end this post with three pictures I took earlier in the spring. I am very connected to nature and find peace and comfort with the beauty that is around me. Since it was such a long week I needed some cheerful pictures to make the post not seem depressing!

Have a happy and wonderful weekend!

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