Friday, June 10, 2011

To Know When

This morning when I checked my email I had gotten the daily musings from a blogger whose page I have frequented. I liked what she had posted in times past and I sensed she was an honest blogger. I took a liking to her even before I knew about her (really). Today was different. She posted an honest post (I'm not surprised) about how difficult it is to be a blogger in the blogging community. She was celebrating her 3rd blogging anniversary and went out on a limb to share her opinion about  the last three years. I totally believe her when she said it has not been easy and that obsessions can overcome the purpose of creating a blog. I get it! I am a newbie, new to blogging, new to posting my thoughts, ideas, opinions, emotions out for the world to see. Surprising because I am a highly guarded and private person. I've been reading blogs for a long time and decided one day that I would give it a try. I had a name for myself and wanted to learn something new so off I went. I did a little reading, reviewing, googling, scanning and *click* there I was for the world to see. I am extremely tentative about what I say and who my audience is but I feel a connection to those whom I have read about and those who have written to me.

To know when is never known, really. No one can tell you when it is time to get married, start a family, quit a job, start something new, end a relationship, invest in your dreams and ideas, stop thinking and start doing, when to let go and when to hold one knows, not even you. So how does one go about knowing when? This is something I think about frequently. I do because I have a lot of interest in the world and for the most part the people in it. To know when seems more difficult as an adult. We have baggage. Some baggage is good, some not, but regardless, as adults we have baggage. That baggage comes into play whether we want it to or not at times of figuring out to know when. Some of us talk out our issues, some of us make lists, and some of us reflect quietly until...until we finally get tired of talking, listing, and thinking that we break the barrier and just do.

To know when comes much easier to some than others. As kids they don't take the time to review their decisions and just go full speed ahead. There is some merit to that because it makes them doers, achievers. If only we can step back from adulthood into kid hood again and go about life in that mindset. We don't because we have grand responsibilities like bills, families, student loans, homes, cars etc. These things I call "life" get in the way. These things hold us back from knowing when.

I am on my own journey To Know When...


  1. Hi I just read your comment on my blog and want to say thanks. I just read your post and I totaly get it. What I liked most about her post was how she put her honesty out there. And after seeing your post you put it out as well. I find that refreshing. Its true as kids we fly by the seat of our pants. Now I cant even pick a paint color without wondering oh did I picked the wrong so sad. It drives hubby nuts lol. So I get it. When I read about getting a link party deleted I thought wow that is awful. I think I would not want to be apart of a blog like that. Dont let something like that stop u from blogging. Its them not you. I have a inlaws that are not to kind to me. So thanks to them I have developed a thick skin. I have found its easy to look down on others and judge or insult when they cant even see there own flaws. Inlaws make jokes about our home all the time cause I display my stuff. But yet you go to there home and not a single tiny thing around any where. I feel sorry for them they cant enjoy there things. I remember its only two people and there view and they can own it, but I got 15 others who dont think like that and those are the ones I enjoy being around. Same with blogs surround yourself with blogs you find that incourage and cheers on. Blogging can be rewarding, I love that I get to share something I love. Art was in my blood as a kid. My dream was to be a fasshion designer and artist. Well life happened lol so lest I have my crafting and I love to share it. And I can see from your blog you have passion about what you blog. Keep doing it, blog for you and you will get readers you truly want around. But the best part is having a place to share and have a voice. I really like your blog I seen one post where you painted pales I was thinkimg wow those turned out awesome. And love the garden by the way. I see you have a green Well sorry about the long comment but I loved you comment. And want you to know I got your post so much and your comment as well. Keep up the good blogging.

  2. Good morning "Inspiration",

    I love everything you said in this blog, esp. "No one can tell you when it is time to get married, start a family, quit a job, start something new, end a relationship, invest in your dreams and ideas, stop thinking and start doing, when to let go and when to hold one knows, not even you." it's oooohhh so true, but it hit a spark in me to continue forward with investing in my dreams and ideas, so if nothing else, thank you for being my inspiration for today!!

    XX - Maggie-mo

  3. Thanks for the tip about the mail art will look that up, would be fun. And with the link party your right not everyone knows how to do it, so they should tell how to link up. My first blog I read was my pink stamper and she is so nice she told how to link, and would not delete your link unless it did not follow the rules like it it was wrong theme or you made it last year. But Another thing to remember alot of these huge blogs have many moderaters, so more than likey its them who are deleting link ups not the owner of the blog.

  4. Oh, Maggie! I am glad I could inspire you today! Although, it makes me a tad nervous what your list of goals and dreams might be....remember the last time you ended up in the "dog house" all over a squirrel? Aim good while doing it!