Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Grey Bathroom - A Project Dilema

I have a bathroom! It needs help! The walls are white, the tiles are white with a subtle grey pattern, the fixtures are grey. Grey! I need some inspiration and make some changes. Here are some pictures I came across with some ideas I can pull from and apply to my own space, however, my bathroom will never look like any of these no matter how much I try but enjoy the ride!


  1. Wow love that tub, be so nice to have a long bath in I like the idea of what looks like wall paper in the cabinet.

  2. send me a picture of your bathroom and I will use my special Interior Design powers to help you out :)

    X - Dutchess Maggie Mo

  3. Ohhhhhhh Dutchess!!! Not only do you get the attention of the police officer with your sneaking out the cracked sneak on to give me some designing advice! You are one impressive pooch!!! I will send you pictures!!! Thanks for your kind words even though I know you are taking advantage of your owners skills! I hope she is in agreement with you about offering her design services for free to me!!!