Wednesday, June 15, 2011


...and my mind goes again! Lots of ideas and things I want to do, yet, not enough time in the day to accomplish them! I read about other bloggers and how they manage their life that includes not one but several children, hobbies, crafts, personal business, phone calls, get the in the world do they do it? I have a favorite blogger whom I have been following for some time. She is an amazing person and it shows in her site. She is family focused, God centered, career focused, a mother, wife...again, you get the gist...she does it all! How? I have read her advice over and over and over again and multitasking is not a skill I have adapted well to. Hmmm, I wonder why? Well, I know why! I don't want to be a good multitasker because for me to multitask I know I won't be putting my best efforts in all the things I am doing! I've learned that when I multitask I get more things done but in the end I didn't like the overall outcome of all that was just completed!

Life is hard. Sometimes it is harder than you could ever imagine and more confusing than you can comprehend. Sometimes things make sense, other times they blindside you and you can't make heads or tails about it!! It has been one of those weeks. Excitement followed by frustration. Accomplishment followed by defeat. Completeness followed by undoneness! The older I get the more sensitive I've become to things. I've heard that the older you get the more desensitized you get to life, but, no, not here! 

One snippet into my week...made chops for dinner...poured the extra hot oil into a can to dispose of later...dropped the can of melted grease all over the kitchen, wall, carpet, and a variety of other items were in the path of trajectory! Cleaning up grease is like cleaning up a dozen of uncooked eggs! It is virtually impossible and requires an enormous amount of time and patience, both of which I did not behold today! This has been my week. Mind you this is one of the smaller travesties of the week, but nonetheless, it still happened and irked me!

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