Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spirituality and Ice Cream!

Yup, neither has to do with the other but those are what are on my mind tonight. Yup, again, I like ice cream and just finished a little bowl of Moose Tracks with extra chocolate sauce on top! Not a huge bowl but considering that I should not have eaten it to begin with I guess the bowl was too big! I deserved it though because so far this week I've run 8 miles...about 4 miles each day. This is week two on my treadmill that was a combined gift from my husband that included my birthday, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, and Christmas. I rarely wear jewelry and appreciate gifts that are more practical in nature or something that I can enjoy over time like new plants for my gardens or going on a day trip. So the treadmill was my "big" gift last year. I have used it but the last couple weeks I have taken up running again for many reasons. I like running but thinking about running, yuck. I dread the first 20 minutes but after that I am good to go for a while. Anywho...I deserved the ice cream tonight!

Can you be spiritual and not believe in a higher being? Can someone really not believe? I just picked up a book called Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge. Books have a way of finding me and me not finding them. A blogger out there of whom I admire because of her honesty recommended this book. She attended a bible study group and it had to do with this book. Meandering around my small town library today I bumped into this book. I completely forgot about it and there it was on the shelf almost jumping out to me. Weird, I know but several times before books have called out to me. I hope to post these book recommendations because they have all been learning experiences for me (and could maybe for you)! Needless to say I checked out the book hoping it was as moving as this blogger said it would be. I put it in the trunk of my car and went on with my day without thinking about it again until evening set in.

The days work is done and now it is night and all you can see outside is the darkness of the night, the light of the lightening bugs, and not much else. The sounds of the dark woods fill the space in my ears. I sat down and opened the book. The introduction gripped my attention. Chapter 1 kept my attention and then I came across a line that I reflected on last night "you're not good enough" and the author proceeded to discuss her quest to understand what it really means to be a woman. How do the dots connect so well sometimes I simply do not know. Sometimes (like now) I feel uneasy that such similarities come together at such keen times and it makes me stop and think about what I was to take from all this. OK, so I made it to page 2 of the book and have enough to throw out there and I have been stopped in my tracks (again!). I am looking forward to reading this book to see where this journey takes me and how the author sees the world of a woman. Now, I need to find out! Let the reading begin!


  1. Hi Laurie thanks so much for your sweet comment. I do use a die cut mechine its call cricut. You can find them at most craft stores also you can get them cheaper online. I paid 160.00 for mine at a online store I shop at they were 399 at first. Only draw back is the dies are on a cart but they have houndreds of cuts. There is software out there that allows you to cut downloaded cuts or even your own you make. I have to say I love my cricut. They have a new one now that not only cuts but it prints as well. They have a cart that is nothing but paper patterns so you can print you own papers. That ones goes for 239.00 when you can get it on sale. Now you metion your libary has a die cutter that uses dies you can buy dies pretty cheap online and always take those and use those. Just nice not having to store dies what I like about the cricut. If you want some info on places i shop just email me Mdwatts@hotmail.com I will send you info. Hope that helps. Oh and glad you liked the post about the train ride and town, that shop was so fun. I love old things and places with history behind it. I see the mail artist stuff at my michaels now. It looks so neat I almost bought some stuff thinking that would be. You ever take pictures of your work? WOuld love to see some of your artist cards. Oh by the way I will do some pitures of our home soon. I have been meaning to do some befores and afters. Well thanks for stopping by love having you on my blog, get all the ideas you can reason why I post it. Hope to see some pictures of your work.

  2. Thanks for the information! I have pictures of the mail art I created and will send some to you. They are really unique and not diecut works of art but will email some examples when I find them in my folders holding hundreds of pictures!!