Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Dreams Are Made Of...

We all have dreams of things that we would like to accomplish, achieve, gain, or acquire during this lifetime. Sometimes dreams don't include the addition of something into our life but the elimination of something from our life as a dream. This other side of the coin is one we don't think about and few refuse to think about. However, those who do think about the elimination of something from their life are those who are in a particularly difficult situation or have a life changing issue to deal with.

Yah, I admit that I dream BIG sometimes and hope that I will strike it rich playing the lottery but in all honesty, I can't win if I don't play, right? Well, I rarely  play! However, I think about what it would be like to come into some sizable amount of cash. Part of me feels relieved that I would no longer have to watch where pennies go, that I could pay off the house, buy what I wanted without second guessing myself, and could walk into any restaurant and order what I really wanted instead of eliminating high priced items off the list right away. I would travel a whole lot more than I do now (and once did!); I would provide for people who I care about or treat them to nicer things.

But there is another part of me that thinks and feels very different. If I ever came into money I do think my life would change and NOT for the better. Yes, we would all love to have the money and the bank account to prove it, but the thought of having money brings a tense uneasiness to my heart. My life would change. I think that people would come to expect more from me than "before" having money. They would demand more, want more, and anticipate that financial responsibilities would then be on my shoulders. House guests would double, triple, quadruple, etc. and I  wouldn't want them there to begin with! I don't know, maybe not, but I feel that most of the baggage that came along with acquiring money would but the sheesh out of me.

Honestly, I am a simple, quiet person who thoroughly enjoys her life! I love road trips, (many of my pictures tell THAT story!) and the simplicity that they offer. No, this country girl does not like the city, any city really. I find more gratification with what mother nature has to offer than what a concrete jungle has to offer.

So, I live my dreams every single day! I work hard to maintain simplicity in my life that is most fitting for me. I am not an extremist though. I just try to find enjoyment in the simple, sometimes mundane, chores of life that must be done. Having the freedom to listen to the birds chirp and banter on, going for a walk, and watching sunsets are all my little dreams. I think that if you are able to look around you and can appreciate, I mean truly appreciate, what you have you are living your dreams. You have what you have NOW because that is what was intended for you. You do what you do NOW because that is what was intended for you. Those who are in your life NOW are people who you are supposed to have in your life.

While dreaming big is fun and exciting (so cliche sounding!) stop and recognize your little dreams. Maybe once you do, you won't want to focus so much on those big dreams!

All these photos posted in this write-up are pictures taken at Fort Adams in Newport, RI.

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