Thursday, June 2, 2011

Snug Harbor Farm in Maine

Snug Harbor Farm, Ogunquit, Maine

This is a little gem of a farm off the side of a main road in Ogunquit, Maine. As I was speeding North to our final destination to the center of Ogunquit, (no, I really wasn't speeding, just doing the speed limit but still too fast to capture the goodies here!) "something" caught the corner of my eye. Yes, I proclaimed a petting zoo! Since I was only going the speed limit but it was too fast to stop, the decision was made to catch it on the way back. On the way back from a destination that was spur-of-the-moment and had no "real" reason to get there quickly anyway!

...and this is what we found! How in the world could I have been doing 45 mph? No, this really wasn't a petting zoo, well it wasn't any type of zoo at all! This farm had animals: horses, homing pigeons, peacocks, ducks, dogs...nothing really to "pet", well, maybe the dog, but I didn't dare! Dogs scare me! (...another story for another day!)

Typical of what you think a farm to be in New England! I love this photo of a door with extra large stone steps leading to a bird cage. No, you couldn't enter the door but I loved this! White, green, and brown with the wood aging, the paint chipping and the door with no handle. The lights weren't straight, had no bulbs, and the roof was 30 years overdue for replacement! But, I loved it! It had character and charm! All I could think was "the stories this building knows" and I wanted to know them!

Have a seat! Grab a cup of hot tea and make yourself comfortable! This is what this bench said to me as I was taking its picture. I loved this and it was so fitting placed on the backside of a roadside market building facing the duck pond. Needless to say, I think if I sat on it, it would not look as distinguished as it does now!

This was one awesome building! Now, take a look inside below!

As we meandered through this property, through the wet and long grasses, at every corner we found more and more interesting secret treasures. Apparently, artists from the area visit the farm for "inspiration" in all forms of media. One woman was using oil crayons to capture the weeping willow just beyond the duck pond and another artist was sketching the miniature ponies in the pen. I can see how and why artists find inspiration here.... on we went! Down a path....

...and ended up with the homing pigeons. Of course, what they are really trying to say is "who the heck is that weirdo trying to sneak a peek in here......and boy do they gawk! Needless to say, their home was spectacular (if you like old things)! Heck, I would have made their little slice of heaven my own little artist studio, small, quaint, homey!

Well, hello there! Talk about an animal with personality. This darn little duck sat there in this pose for several minute while I snapped away a slew of, too bad everything couldn't be this easy and everyone cooperated as well as this little friendly duck!

Oh, the front porch of this farm was so welcoming! Who wouldn't want to have a seat or come inside for a visit! So, that is exactly what we did, we went inside for a visit! Beautiful rustic displays of garden plants, treasures, and other outdoorsy items to display. Come on inside with me and take a look around....enjoy your visit...

Well, I hope you enjoyed the visit as much as I did! Until next time....


  1. Love your photos! You find such neat places -- definitely inspiring!

  2. Thank you Jennifer! I've always enjoyed photography as a hobby and am happy that I can share some of what I see in the world with others! I am hoping in the future I will be able to sell some of my images!